Sell normal + sequin + lock stitch chenille embroidery machine

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Normal + Sequin +Lock stitch Chenille Embroidery Series
Technical specification:
1. Embroidery area: 450(500) *750mm
2. Stitch length: 0.1-12.7mm
3. Main motor: Servo Motor
4. Speed: Normal 600-850 rpm
Lock Stitch 600 rpm
5. Power source: 220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ
6. Memory capacity: 2,000,000 Stitch
7. Machine size: 6490*1950*1600 mm
8. Packing size: 6690*2150*1800mm
Function characteristic:
1. It integrates many embroidery methods such as normal embroidery. sequin and cording, etc. , thus making embroidery methods flexible and variable.
2. The automatic-conversion normal embroidery head and lock stitch chenille head make normal embroidery and lock stitch chenille converted at random.
3. The structure of double material tray is applied. rapidly reducing the time used to change embroidery materials and improving the production efficiency.
4. The spacing between the lowest position to which the presser foot falls and the needle board can be rearranged as well as the working height of the presser foot while making embroidery directly according to the thickness of the embroidery drapery and the embroidered matter on computer.
5. While making Zig-zag swing stitch embroidery. the swing pattern can be correspondingly set on the operation board as required so as to have better embroidery effect.
6. After lock stitch chenille embroidery head is finished the work. the presser foot can rise automatically and get into the wait state. thus facilitating frame and material changes.
7. While the machine stops working, the material tray will automatically return to the original position. thus facilitating thread pulling and embroidery material changing.
8. The separate air valve control system is applied, thus to separately make individual embroidery supplement and improving the embroidery effect.
9. Many embroidery effects such as cording embroidery. taping embroidery, coring embroidery, frill embroidery and zig-zag swing embroidery can be realized by choosing attachments and computer parameters.
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Supply Capacity
60 sets per month
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Power Requirements
220v or380 50/60 hz
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one year