Sell normal chemical flow pump

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MCZ type flow pump is horizontal, single stage, single inhale type submerged pump with overhung. Its size is accorded with DIN24256/ISO2858 standard. It could transport low temperature or high tempter liquid, neutral or causticity liquid, cleanly or contained solid grain liquid, be widely suitable for chemical industry, papermaking, spinning and weaving, printing, mine, sewage treatment plant, environmental protection effectively pulls out delivers.
Technical Data:
Flow range : 2000m3/h
Stroke range : 160m
Working pressure : 2.5Mpa
Working Temperature 80~3000C

MCZ type pumps design characteristic:
1. Exterior and installation size and foundation are all according to international standard design.
2. Inlet and exit of the pump are on the same axes. It is convenient for designing and linking pipeline techniques.
3. The pressure on gland seal will be compensated by impeller or balance hole. Gland seal uses soft packing seal(it could be cooling or not. ) it is also uses all kinds of single head face or double head faces mechanical seal.
4. Ball bearing wears well, diameter of axle size is unstinted for assuring running balance.

Feeding medium:
1. All kinds of vitriol, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and ortho phosphoric acid etc. mineral acid and organic acid for every temperature and thickness.
2. All kinds of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate etc. alkaline solution for every temperature and thickness.
3. All kinds of saline solution.
4. All kinds of liquid petroleum chemical production, organic compound and other corrosive material and production.
Our corrosion resistant material has 303,305,306,307,316,316L, 904, 904L, 804, ECR alloy, Ni Cr alloy, CD4MnCu and titanium alloy etc. We could be satisfied with all requirements about above medium. Please provide us transportation medium details when to make an order.