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Our n-hexane usually packs with metal drum. It is a colorless liquid with a slightly disagreeable odor, is the straight-chain alkane with six carbon atoms. It evaporates very easily into the air and dissolves and highly flammable. It is insoluble in water and miscible with alcohol, chloroform, and ether. It is used primarily to produce solvents when it is mixed with similar chemicals. compared with others, the advantages of our product is in high purity, lower water content, lower UV background absorption, lower volatility remained and the solid particle. the Common names for these solvents are commercial hexane, mixed hexanes, petroleum ether, and petroleum naphtha. The major use of n-hexane is to extract vegetable oils from crops due to its narrow distillation range and selective power. Its wide usages are in the rubber industry as a base for rubber cement and in tyre manufacture and in contact adhesives, paints and inks, where fast drying and ability to suspend are required. Application is also found in the manufacture of SBR rubber where hexane is used as a medium in the polymerisation process.
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