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1 Working capacity: It is capable of test the injecting angle, dribbling, atomizing, volume, uniformity, cycle by true simulation automatically or selectively.
2 Test range: RPM: 0-9950r/min PULSE WIDTH: 0-20ms COUNT: 0-10000; It is of standard test program, may perform automatic test and cleaning, and provide thousands of test procedures for your selective test.
3 Exclusive test mode: It has many test modes such as: random changing value setting, imitating engine running, signal feedback of the loading, random STOP/continue during test, counting mode with high accuracy.
4 Memory program: May diagnose the changes of a group of injectors before and after cleaning.
5 Control panel: The control panel is designed with the latest international popular graphs.
6 Injector protection: With exclusive automatic device, it may regulate the current and voltage to ensure the test and cleaning of the high/low impedance injectors in normal condition.
7 Protection system: Equipped with high/low liquid level indicator, over-temperature indicator, over-density alarm of flammable gas, return at maximum fuel level, injecting overflow and protective device for pump overtime running.
8 Cycle test: By test the minimum open/close cycle of the injector, it may test the injectors quality and injecting uniformity.
9 Various connectors: Various connectors (optional parts) are suit for different types of injectors, including standard Hose/Tail type, K type, TBI type, even the customized type for the user.
10 Cleaning system: May test and clean one or more injectors at same time even conduct flush-back cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning.
11 Unique engine fuel oil system to exempt dismantles
12 Has the gasoline injection fuel pressure examination function.
13 The completely automatic device to examination fluid returns
14 Gear box and machine oil pressure examination function.
15 Cylinder pressure test function.

Simultaneously examines 6 fuel injectors working condition
System pressure 0-6.5kg/cm2 (variable regulated)
Rotate speed 0-9950r/min; step: 50 r/min
Pulse width 0-20ms; step: 0.1 ms
Count (time) 0-9950; step: 50
Simulates the automobile random operating mode to carry on the examination analysis comprehensively
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