Sell nurse calling systems

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1, Interphone: extension and main phone can be called each other and communicate as well.

2, Unending calling: whenever if there is a call, it can be connected.

3, Calling storage: when the extension calls the main phone, if the main phone has no answer or is working, the main phone will automatically store the extension no and indicate.

4, Set up special nurse: if needed, any extension can be set up as special nurse.

5, Special nurse priority: when the special nurse extension calls, the non special nurse extension can be paused.

6, Emergency calling: when the emergency extension calls, all the extensions can be paused.

7, Set up mem the nurse of any sickbed in anytime can be stored into the mailbox of the system. When the set time comes, the system will automatically announce.

8, Scan function: it can check up the room lamp setup and memo setup.

9, Speaker: it can use to broadcast the looking for the missing people and the notices.

10, Education broadcast: it can input any signal sources (like recorder signal) , broadcast the sanitary knowledge and civilized education.

11, Monitor function: it can monitor any patient in any sickbed.

12, Hand free function: push the hand free function on the main phone, the call can be received or call the extension without picking up the main phone.

13, Telephone function: it can receive the outside normal telephone. When there is an extension calling, the has the notice sound and receive the extension calling or directly to call the extension.

14, Page function: when extension calls, the main phone and the sub-phone have notice sound and can receive the calling of extension. It can also directly call the extension. The sub-phone is better than page. It can receive the call directly and call the extension.

15, Clock function: it can show the time and the calendar.

16, Main multiple function indication: main phone can indicate the calling order, bed no, time, calendar and LED.

17, Corridor indication screen: indicate the calling situation of the extension in time. When there is no calling, it indicates the time.

18, Automatically examination function: exam the system automatically.

19, Easy installation: main phone and all the extensions, corridor indication screen just use the two normal soft wires, no polarity, parallel connection.