Sell nylon hose

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Quality is light, toughness is good, the endurance is extremely good, the coefficient of friction is low, the wearability is extremely good , nonpoisonous, the surface is smooth, can prevent getting rusty and forming silt of dirt to steep , soft , flexible , easy to install, the erosion of chemical medicines such as the lipoprotein of ability and oil , hydrocarbon , ketone , etc. , size stability, , penetrance little, resistance great, can leave no room for manoeuvre body of predestination use, it is very long, use Way : Apply gas of auto industry to apply the brake the fuel pipe , the fabrics machine extensively, food, air , water , fuel oil , chemical material are lubricated, the control system of drip irrigation , vacuum system, the refrigeration system of the air conditioner. Use temperature: -40-100 degrees of C use the standard: DIN73378 DIN74324 GB16897 SAE1394 can be worthy of the connecting type: Card a set of types , bamboo joint withholding types, and changing type quickly.