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we can offer the high quality and performance diamond cutting tools, including PCD/CBN indexable inserts, turning tools, milling tools, diamond saw blades, diamond cutting disks. PCD/CBN indexable inserts are used on CNC-lathe to cutting hard metal to get a high quality surface of the workpieces and get high production efficiency.
There are many disadvantages to machine aluminum metal by carbide alloy tools, such as not wearable and unstable and so on. So , it is not suitable for pipelining. And now super hard tools are widely used by most piston or aluminum products manufacturers. There are several points of this type of tools.
1. it is very hard and wearable, and has long service life.
2. it can transmit the heat from the end to the body of the cutting tool rapidly , to reduce the possibility of the heat dam, and benefit for keeping tiny tolerance.