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Glass beads

1. Road Marking Glass Beads
Reflective glass beads, these beads are especially made for use in road marking paints and thermoplastics to provide excellent night retro-reflectivity.

2. High Refractive glass beads For Road Board, Road Marking Paints, Road Sign
When the light illuminate on the glass beads surface, owing to high reflective functionality, the light focuses on the special reflective lay, strikes the back surface of glass beads and returns to its source. So you'll see the very bright reflective light.

3. Sandblasting & Jetting Glass Beads
Product function
Glass bead for jetting has the features of chemical stability, high mechanical intensity and hardness. They can be jetted onto the object surface with compressed air and can be used on compress glass, rubber, plastic, moulds with metal casting or compressing. The jetting balls would help reduce elasticity of the surface materials and increase wearing capacity.

4. Grinding Glass Beads
Product Function
With the advantages of smooth surface, even size, high hardness, wearable and stable, widely used as disperser, grinding media and filler materials in day, paint, ink and chemical industry.