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sodium sulphate anhydrous

Product Description
1. Formula: Na2SO4
2. Molecular Weight: One hundred fourty two point zero four
3. Characteristics: White crystal, easily dissolvable in water
4. Use as producing materials of: Barium Sulfate, Synthetic Detergent, Glass, Paper, Dye, Leather, Medicament, etc.
5. Measure Standard: The internal standard is formulated by state standard
6. Packing: Polypropylene fabric bag lined with plastic bag
7. Weight: 25Kg, 50Kg, 1000Kg

Quality Index
Product Name Sodium Sulfate
Sodium Sulfate (By Na2SO4) %> =ninty nine
Calcium Magnesium (By Mg) Content %< =zero point one five
Chloride (By Cl) Content %< =zero point three five
Iron (By Fe) Content %< =zero point zero zero two
The Content of Substance Insoluble in Water %< =zero point zero five
Moisture Content %< =zero point two zero
White Content Purity>=eighty five
PH: six-eight