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Whistling kettle series
1) baixing ball-shapes kettle
Item No Size
SFBX0525 2.5L
SFBX0530 3.0L
2) Peacock kettle
Item No Size
SFKK0525 2.5L
SFKK0535 3.5L
3) Taper kettle
Item No Size
SFJKS0520G 2.0L
SFJKS0720G 2.0L
SFJKD0520G 2.0L
SFJKD0720G 2.0L
SFJKS0520P 2.0L
SFJKS0720P 2.0L
SFJKD0520P 2.0L
SFJKD0520P 2.0L
4) Bestar kettle
Item No Size
SFBK0520A 2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L
SFBK0625A 2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L
SFBK0725A 2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L
5) Induction cooker teapot
Item No Size
SFTK0525A 2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L/7L
SFTK0625A 2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L/7L
SFTK0725A 2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L/7L
6) Music kettle
Item No Size
SFMK0510 1.0L/1.5L/2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L
SFMK0610 1.0L/1.5L/2.5L/3L/4L/5L/6L
7) Save energy kettle
Item No Size
SFHKS0430 3L/4L
SFHKD0430 3L/4L
8) Anti-dry music kettle
Item No Size
SFEKS0540 4L/5L/6L
9) Fashion asia kettle
Item No Size
SFAK0510 1L/2. L/3L/4L/5L/6L
SFAK0710 1L/2L/3L/4L/5L/6L
10) Half-ball kettle
Item No Size
SFHKS0430 3L/4L
SFHKD0430 3L/4L
11) Baiwang ball-shaped kettle
Item No Size
SFBW0715 1.5L
12) Di Yin kettle
Item No Size
SFWK043 3.0L
SFWK044 4.0L
SFWK045 5.0L
13) Ounce kettle
Item No Size
SFOP0411 11OZ/13OZ/18OZ
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1 X 20' FCL
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