Sell offer the sodium alginate

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A. Synthetic Food
Sodium alginate is the main material of seaweed, synthetic grape and synthetic cherry.
B. Iced Food
Sodium alginate is taken as a stabilizer of ice cream and ice cream bar because of its dense organization and slow solution speed. It is also the main material of the dainty cold powder and jelly.
C. Cake Food
As a stabilizer of cake (such as cookies, bread, fine dried noodle, chocolates, etc) and a polish of bread, sodium alginate can keep the cookies sweet-smelling and avoid falling to pieces, and make the noodle smooth and reduce breaking ratio of noodle and fragmentation of bread.
Sodium alginate is also a good thickener of jam, chili sauce, jelly, tomato ketchup, fishpaste, pudding and salad flavoring.
D. Drinking
Sodium alginate can act as the stabilizer of the beer and clarifier of the wine.
E. Cold storage and fresh keeping
When food (fruit, fish etc) is covered with the film of sodium alginate and kept isolated from air, the film will stop bacteria from invading, constraint water evaporation of food itself and prolong time of preservation.