Sell oil and water repellent needled felt

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The oil and water repellent filter material is made from filtration material used for high temperature and environment temperatures, which has received special treatment by water and oil repellent agent. It has the feature of water and oil repellency and long use life, and the micro pores of the filter bags made by this material are not easily blocked by dust paste. It is mainly used in the industries, such as irons&steel, oil, cement manufacture, chemical plants, power plant, metallurgical plants, and foundry, etc.
Characteristics of the oil and water repellent needled felt

Material Polyester fiber
Weight(g/m3) 500
Thickness (mm) 1.8
Permeability (m3/m2/min) 1013
Tensile Breaking Strength (N/25mm) Warp >=800
Weft >=1250
Elongation (%) Warp <35
Weft <50
Bursting Strength(N/cm2) <130
Continuous Working Temp (0) 150
Surface treatment Waterproof, Calendaring
Resistance to Acids good
Resistance to Alkalis excellent
Resistant to Hydrolysis good
The use of bag filter to deal with large amount of moisture or more viscous gas dust, the dust has been easy to adhesion. Woven bag is a headache dust-border problem. Abroad will try to use plastic film and bags on the filter surface water solution to deal with anti-condensation and paste bag of problems, and achieved significant results.
We focus in recent years, the company is committed to finishing the development of technology, equipped with the most advanced media finishing equipment, products, as singeing, Calendar, impregnating, coating, drying leader.
Production processes of water and oil repellent needled felt are as follows:
Fiber opening song - carding - Shop - thorn in advance - the main thorn - into a carpet - Calendar - impregnated PTFE (water repellent) - drying - stereotypes - rolling - package.
After dealing with water and oil filter bags used in a greater moisture content of the bag and ordinary occasions, as a result of media is not easy to plug paste bag, the bag cleaning cycle and extending the service life extended by the gas flow also increases Large, it can save a lot of energy and maintenance costs, as well as increased production.
Our technology in addition to finishing on needled felt (such as polyester, polypropylene fiber, anti-static, Metamax) for water and oil processing, but also for polyester flannel 208, 729 cartridges, such as woven filter cloth and glass fiber filter for water and oil processing.