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B14 light oil burner
Out put:89-172kw
Oil consumption:7.5-14.5 kg/h
Lower noise
Save sources much better

1) Single section operation (on / off)
2) Can be adapted for use with any type of burning chamber
3) Mechanical pressure atomization
4) Changing the volume of air and the combustion head provides the best burning
5) Manually adjustable air flux
6) When using bio-diesel (vegetable oil as raw material) , the burner needs to be equipped with an extra hose, linear filter and oil pump
7) A flange and insulation sealing washer connect to the boiler, which is equipped with two hoses, a linear filter and a nozzle
8) We can offer a longer combustion head, as well as biochemical diesel oil, if required
9) Compared with other products of this type, this unit has the best temperature
Resistance and back pressure resistance
10) Electrical protection grade of standard collocation is IP40, with this
Grade able to be enhanced if necessary

The burner unit includes:
1) Light aluminum alloy fan parts
2) A high performance centrifugal fan
3) Burning air inlet with flux regulating device and manual shutdown vent
4) Slip-on flange is maTched with various boiler flanges, which can adjust the
The burner extends to the heating furnace (for use in heat die-casting machines)
5) Slip-on combustion head with stationary device and steel flame plate
6) Single-phase motor drives the fan and oil pump
7) High-pressure gear pump with booster and global valve
8) Servomechanism and burner instruction equipment meet the European E230
9) Photosensitive resistant flame inspection window

Packing dimensions (L x P x H) : 740 x 520 x 380mm
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B14 B26 B35