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Nixing pottery of Qinzhou City in Guangxi Province of China, one of the four famous types of pottery, is hailed as a unique art in China. It is a specialty of Qinzhou, and is made from peculiar red clay from the bank of Qinzhou River. The Red Clay is suitable for art-making like sculpture; calligraphy; painting and seal cutting. Unlike other kind of clay, the red clay is fine and smooth so we can use different way of carving, like relief. Character, Scenery, Flowers and Birds can be carved on the pottery. It can be vividly portrayed on the pottery. The producers can use the clay of different colors to demonstrate different views after enameling.

Nixing pottery has a history of over 1300 years, and the oldest pieces were produced around 618 AD. In recent years, Nixing pottery became popular again and has increased in popularity among collectors and consumers both at home and abroad. Nixing pottery is sold to more that 30 regions and countries, including Japan, the US, Britain, Germany and South East Asia. Precious items have been sent to many foreign and international expositions, and the pottery has won many honors, including more than 40 gold and silver awards in exhibitions such as the ceramic fair during the 100th Anniversary of Belgium. Nixing pottery is your best choice for your collection and as a utility item.

Through the unique quality of the clay and its delicate craftsmanship, Qinzhou Nixing pottery appears archaic, with a bronze or liver color. It displays a flambi glaze and turns azure after being fired in high temperatures. Moreover, it becomes smoother polishing. The assortment of Nixing pottery items is over 600, with the major ones being tea sets, stationery, tableware, vases, coffee utensils, incense tripods and antique imitations.

Nixing pottery is also popular because of its peculiar functions. It can withstand strong acids and bases, keeps things fresh against the dampness and is non- toxic. It also maintains the taste and color of tea for days, and even in hot weather, tea stored in the pottery does not spoil. This also applies to food. Moreover, a tea scent remains in the pot after it has been used for a long time, and the scent exists, even without tea, by pouring hot water into the pot. Its the best choice for tea set. The Nixing pottery is neither glazed nor painted. It just decorated by carving. The pottery can show its color after polishing. The quality of the pottery is clean and clear as well as jade.
Nixing Pottery restricted the strictest standard. It doesnt emit harmful heavy metal like lead, calcium. The red clay doesnt contain any poisonous element and it has many kinds of mineral elements like iron, strontium, zinc.
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