Sell on grid wind turbine inverter-5kw

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Hummer wind turbines feature of small, light and high output efficiency, its wind turbines from 1000w to 20000w can connect state grid with the help of hummer grid-tied inverter. All the grid-tied inverter are developed by our own expert, and matched with hummer wind turbines. The following are several technical advantage that will help you know our grid-tied system. Characteristics of HUMMER Grid-tied inverter:
The power efficiency has been highly improved by using IGBT.
The generator capacity is highly improved with MPPT auto-optimization technology.
LCD indicates kinds of information simultaneously.
Real-time work curve can be seen from the PC interface.
Several optional communication interface includes power line carrier, RS485, wireless data transmission.
Reliability is very high because of comprehensive protection function.
Wide AC voltage range
Freely set working curve chart
Special plug features simple and reliable.