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One Way Vision(it is so-called Perforated Vinyl) has showed its great advantage in the advertising market. our products optimize ink adhesion and color reproduction for long-lasting brilliant prints. Its good capability of anti-tractility prevents it from distortion and rupture. It allows stunning graphics on one side and clear, unobstructed view through the glass on the other. It's widely used in Car Body Graphic, Galss Wall Graphic.

1. Removable self adhesive acrylic.
2. The special material surface made, easy to absorb ink and the graphics are brilliant.
3. The liner is no perforated for easy loading in wide range printers.
4. The adhesive vinyl can be removed without adhesive in one years.

1. Suitable for application onto transparent glass, acrylic, polycarbonate.
2. Great for vehicle advertisements on cars, buses, train, tram etc.
3. Widely used in retail outlets, POP displays, service stations, convenience stores.
4. Ideal for window advertisements on buildings, offices and shops etc.
5. Excellent resistance to a wide range of physical and climatic conditions.