Sell operator-propelled line striper

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Line striper ( walking behind) ST1000-I/II, ST300-I/II
1. Engine: 5.5 HP gasoline engine.
2. Paint pump: High pressure airless diaphragm pump, large flow, stable pressure.
3. Spray gun: Manual spray gun with reversible striping tip (20/25) , easy use and repair, creating straight long line.
4. Hose: 6m long hose used for special application, such as spray out arrow, letter, zebra crossing, special signs and lines.
5. Chassis: Steel welding frame, surface chrome-plated, galvanized or corrosion resistant coated, with manual brake device for convenienct stop on the ramp.
6. Locking front swivel caster: Brake handle controlled, locks into straight or radius mode for striping straight line, arc or curves.
7. Application paint: Solvent base traffic paint.
Option::Self propelled operator seat, ZT-II.
Stainless steel spray system for waterbase traffic paint.

Model : ST100-I/II
Engine:5.5 HP 4-strock air-cooled gasoline engine.
Fluid pump :Max pressure: 20Mpa.
Work pressure: 10-15Mpa.
Max flow: 8.5L/min.
Spray gun :2
Line width:100-450mm
Paint tank:65L, one filter inside, one filter at outlet
Glass bead system : ST-I: dispenser, ST-II: Spray gun

Engine:5.5 HP deceleration gasoline engine.
Fluid pump :Max pressure: 20Mpa.
Work pressure: 10-15Mpa.
Max flow: 4.5L/min.
Spray gun :1
Line width:100-200mm
Paint tank:Optional: one filter at outlet
Glass bead system : RT300-I: non, ST300-II----spray gun

Option: Self-propelled Operator Seat, ZT-II

Self-propelled Operator Seat, ZT-II
Engine: Robin 6.0 HP or 5.5 HP Honda four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine.
Driving system: Oil-pressure variable speed transmission system with automatical brake device, flexible
move in forward, reverse or stop(HTS) . Differential transmission device on left, right rear wheels makes the
driving in curve and turning flexible. Pedal brake device makes the running safe.
Forward: 0-4km/h.
Reverse: 0-3km/h.
Climbing: 150.
Chassis: Firm welding frame, chrome-plated , galvanizated or
sprayed coating with corrosion resistance, high speed bearing to
ensure the whole machine lighter and more convenient.
Rubber wheel: Diameter: 440mm.
High-back seat: Fully adjustable.
Illumination: High intensity illumination lamp for convenient
opeation at night.
Dimension: 1350mm(L) x 650mm(W) x 1020mm(H) .
Weight: 52kg