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Opoka is a mineral rock, characterised as strong, resistant, porous and easy. The appearance is similar to limestone; it is light to dark grey colour and can be naturally found as solid rock. It is crushed when digging and is dried and ground for further use. Opoka is not expensive; this mineral material is ecologically clean, widely applied and easily assimilated.
Opoka is a great natural absorbent, which absorbs moisture and odours. On the global market, opoka is not widely known as a mineral, however it can be used rather widely.
The Lithuanian opoka can be used as ingredient of concrete, asphalt-concrete, silicate bricks, glazed tiles and it is suitable for production of glue and putty, as well as various water and cold resistant fillings. This mineral is also assimilated in production of Portland-concrete, daub, plaster, as well as limy and other binding materials.
The Lithuanian opoka powder is suitable for production of bituminous roof covers. Opoka powder produced by UAB Tavilta was well evaluated by one of the largest roof-cover producers in Lithuania.
Opoka powder is suitable for liming of sour soils and it can be used as mineral additive in producing of cow and poultry fodder.