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Main purposes: film, foil tape, stickers, PVC, such as reel-like substrate
1. High speed and high efficiency.
2. Small noise when working with high speed
3. Sub-shear and high precision, smooth rolling
4 can be matching with PLC touch screen controlling.

The main parameters:
Reel-releasing max. dia 800mm
Reel-rolling max. dia 420mm
Reel-releasing max. width 1500mm 1800mm
Reel-releasing paper inner dia 76.2mm (3 inches) 152.4mm (6 inches)
Reel-releasing paper inner dia 76.2 (3 inches)
Accuracy of adjustment 1mm accuracy
Min. width of cutting 50mm
Cutting speed: 300m/min
Total power 4kw 380v
Machine Weight: 2100kg-2300kg