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Fluorescent brightener CBS-127(FP)

Chemical name:

Structural formula:

Molecular formula:

FP is an optical brightener of high purity, particularly suitable for the optical brightening of polymers, lacquers, printing inks and man-made fibers

FP imparts pure to bluish brighteness to all polymers

Physical properties:
Appearance: White to yellowish crystalline powder.
Melting Range: 216-2220C
Spec. Gravity: 1.23g/cm3

white pigmented: 0.001%(1g FP per 100kg polystyrene)
Transparent: 0.0001-0.001%(0.1-1g FP per 100kg polystyrene)

These depend on the degree of brightening which is expected. The following are to be regarded as general guidelines:FP is incorporated into polymers in the same way as pigments.
PVC white pigmented: 0.01-0.05%(10-50g FP per 100kg compound)
Transparent: 0.0001-0.001%(0.1-1g FP per 100kg compound)

packed in 25kg paper board bucket. It also can be packed in big or small bucket according to the requirement of the customers.