Sell optical brightener cxt for detergent, dye, pigment

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Optical Brightener CXT
Main Chemical Composition: stilbene bistriazine derivative


Formula: C40H38 N12O8S2Na2

Molecular Weight: 1052

C. I. Number: 71

Appearance: White powder

Strength: 100%

Ionic character: anionic

Application: Mainly be used in whitening of detergent powder and soap.

Property: With strong fluorescence, excellent whitening performance and high
yellowing point.

Treating Process:
1. Adding CXT to detergent powder before spray drying. CXT can homogenize with detergent powder through spray drying. The using amount is 0.1-0.6%
2. CXT and CBS-X can be used together to get the optimum performance.

Packing: 20kg per fiber drum