Sell optical lens bi-concave cylindrical lens

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China Star Optics specialize in manufacturing and exporting various cylindrical lenses, such as bi-concave cylindrical lens, bi-convex cylindrical lens, plano-convex cylindrical lens, plano-concave cylindrical lens, special cylindrical lens, long cylindrical lens etc.

Specification of bi-concave cylindrical lens as follow:
*Material BK7 or other optical materials
*Dimension Tolerance +0.0~-0.1mm
*Center Thickness +/-0.1mm
*Focal Length Tolerance+/-1%
*Surface Quality:60/40
*Surface Figure λ /2 at 633nm on plano side
*Clear Aperture >90%
*Chamfer 0.25mm at 45 degree typical
*Coating Optional
Supply Capacity
3000 pcs per month
Minimum Order Quantity
10 units
Terms of Payment