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Optical Mark Reader (OMR) is a high-tech data input computer peripheral that integrates optical, mechanical and electrical technology. It read the information from the filled parts of form in the principle of the transform between optical and electricity , and then it transfer the information into computer through data cable . It solves the bottleneck of data input . It releases human from the heavy work of keyboard input. OMR reads thousands of information every second , and nearly no error. It is much more advanced than manpower.
OMR is named Examination Papers Reading(Scoring) Machine, which is well used and appreciated in standard examination. Now OMR is popular in high school, colleges and universities and it has gone into the following fields such as Education, Industry, Agriculture, Personal Management, Election, Hygiene, Sports, Traffic and Communication , Taxation, Census, etc.
The application characteristics of OMR are to design forms unitedly, fill in marks dispersedly, input together and disposal quickly. According to the information collected to design and print the forms and program the relevent application software and then dispense forms to fill in marks respectively. After that , collect the forms that had been filled in to read by OMR . At last , analyze and manage by computer so that it is easy and correct to quickly collect and dispose a mass of information whose origin is dispersive and quantity is very large.
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