Sell optoelectronic colposcopy

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A. Technical parameter of optics
1 Dual oculars: 160mm, precise measuring ruler inside
2 Eyepiece: 12.5X, wide-angle adjustment- 015D
3 Working distance: 300mm or 250mm
4 Adjustable range of ocular: 5075mm
5 Adjustable range of focus: 0-40mm
6 Column of picture collection: f 4.5-f 32
B. Technical parameter of digital CCD video system
1. 1/3 "color digital CCD( WATEC)
2. horizontal imaging-resolving capability >= 480 lines
3. valid imaging capability: 480,000
4. automatic or manual white balance
5. S. N. R:50aB
6. minimum lighting: 0.1 Lux
7. Illuminance equipped with dual light-lead at the same axes
Light source: Osram halogen light(15V. 150w x2)
Light control: adjustable brightness
Filter color: green
Illuminance range: 70 mm
8 magnifying capability: 3-40 times
C. computer picture working station
1. Hardware:
PIV2.4G CPU, 256M. 80G, 1.44 drive, CD-ROM, USB connector
17"CRT, HP high-definition ink printer
2. Software:
Containing picture view, comparison analysis, diagnosis report, case file management and system setup etc.
D. 1. Power supply- AC220V110%, 50Hz
2. Environmental temperature: 100-300
3. Environmental humidity: <=85%
Our KN-2200 optic and electronic colposcope models standard with:
1. Halogenous light 12 volt 150 Watts
2. With continuous control of intensity
3. Outdistance work: 300 mm
4. Binocular with system of observation converge
5. Thumb screw of control of defect of amitropie for the two eyes from +5 to -5 dioptres
6. Green Filtrre intercalable on the head of the colposcope
7. Positioning of the left or right hand for the
movements of slope and swinging of the colposcope head.
8. Multiple stereoscopic enlargement: 3.4, 5.1, 8.5, 13.6, 21.3
9. Visual field: 75, 50, 30, 19 and 12mm
10. Conveyor integrated in the tube