Sell orange shape rattan furniture

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Chair-a: 1080*1060*630mm
Chair-b: 910*890*550mm
Table: 600*600*370mm

1 The rattan we use for our product is only the highest quality man-made fibre. Called PE rattan, which is made from 99.8% Polyethylene and 0.2% Ash, this kind of rattan is UV resistant and waterproof, and our rattan is through dyed, you can fix it by applying heat when it get scratches, it last long time and the color never fade away, also it is not senstive to temperature fluctuations.

2 For the fabric and sponge inside, they are all water proof, the sponge we use for our products is of a density 40 which ensures the durability, but usaually, others just use 20.

3The important point is on the frame, other manufacturers construct the frame with 1.0mm thick aluminum, but all our products are constructed with 1.2&1.5mm thick tube, which make it strong enough, we make it powder coated, this way the frme is fully proected against corrosion and becomes virtually invisible once it has been woven over, the others never do taht to reduce the cost.

Comfortable and leisurable design is your best choice

Material: Aluminium alloy supporting stand; Weaving rattan