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This unique blend of 69 elements and paramagnetic properties was created by active volcanic formation in an ancient sea of primary water.
Because of the combination of hot magna mixing with the sea water, the ionic environment stabilized the minerals and elements as the volcano off-gassed into the huge body of water. Over time an oxidation occurred, which resulted in a beautiful blend of paramagnetic dolomite. In addition to this elemental matrix, very unique set of isotopes add to the ionic uptake of the plants.
The CGS value of soil is the measurement of the magnetic flux density. The unit of measure is CGS Centimeter/Grams/Second, which is gauss/million. Just think of it as the living light or electricity of the soil.
Most organic molecules are diamagnetic. Paramagnatism values can also be increased by correcting the Calcium/Magnesium ratio. Seven to one (7 to 1) is the ideal ratio. Also, raising the oxygen level will also have parameters similar to paramagnetism because the oxygen stimulates the uptake, and the oxidation has an increase in the paramagnetism due to the valiance of oxygen. The oxygen not only oxidizes, but its valiance allows the ionic transport into the root system.
High paramagnetic soils increase water retention, increase microbial stimulation, improve nutrient utilization, and increase light energy. Other benefits include increased insect resistance, drought resistance, and the root penetration and expansion is greatly enhanced.
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