Sell organic chicken manure fertilizer

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We can offer organic chicken manure fertilizer. It is garden fertilizer. Powder and granular form.

Chicken manure can be used for any soil and any planting, but you can use it the most rationally in vegetable-growing especially hothouse for both vegetation and bearing. Using granular and powder chicken manure you can decrease to use of mineral fertilizers.

Factory dry and press the chicken broilers drops and we have chicken manure size 8x10 mm. It is convenient for packaging, transportation, long term storage, dosing and dissolving.

Universal, put in soil in Spring, Autumn as 5-10% water grout. Dissolved completely 1 hour (can be dissolved completely in soil) . Recommended to put granular chicken manure in planting hole  40 g in hole. It does not burn the seeds or roots (no more ammoniac acid, but it does have nitrogen more than in any granular humus) .
Supply Capacity
100 mt per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
17 mt