Sell organic insecticide- matrine solution

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Matrine is extracted from Sophora Flavescens. It can control mites, spider, cabbage moth, cabbage worm, leaf miner and many other pests efficiently . As a natural source insecticide, it is a good option for organic agriculture and horticulture with the advantage of low toxicity, no residue and outstanding efficacy.
Effect mothod: contact poison firstly and stomach poison secondly.
Dosage: 1 litre of product diluted by 1000 litres of water for one hectare.
1. apply it immediately after dilution
2. Keep sparyer clean, good combinability with other pesticides and fertilzier formulation of acidity, but never mix with any alkaline water and formulation.
3. The effect will reduce if use in high temperature or before rain.
4. The best spraying time us after 4:00 pm to avoid too strong sunshine.
5. Widely spray on leaves, undersides of leaves, stalks and buds.
6. Because of natural plant ingredients, it can promote gowth, increase yield and improve quality of crops.
7. The product can be used as a kind of safe Parasiticide Shampoo for pet-animals
8. Please store in dark, cool and arid place to keep away from high temperature and strong sunshine