Sell organoclay, bentone

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Organoclay is designed especially for oil or solvent based system. Our BP series of organoclay (inorgano clay) has perfect properties of gelling, sag resistance and anti-settling.

It can be used widely in coating, paint, grease, ink, cosmetics, unsaturated polyester putty, sealant and adhesive.

Replace Bentone, Claytone and Tixogel.

Now many world famous coating manufacturers have used our products. Please contact us for more

Please find the below situation:
Our BP-183 Bentone 34
Our BP-183B Bentone 52
Our BP-186 Bentone 38(Claytone 40)
Our BP-185 Bentone 27
Our BP-184 Bentone SD-1(Claytone HY)
Our BP-186C Bentone SD-3
Our BP-186D Bentone SD-2(Claytone APA)
Our BP-188B Bentone EW
We can offer you all kinds of organic Bentonite, if you interest in it pls don't hesitate to contact me!