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HZ4318 is an ideal general purpose oscilloscope easy to operate . It offers two
sepatating Y channels , enabling simultaneously to measure two signals , suitable to use
in school lab and on production line.
suitable to use in school lab and on production line.
1. Display: Dual-channel display, rectangular screenwi thinternal graduaton
2. Bandwidth: DC - 20Mhz-3dB
3. Deflection factor: 5mV/div - 5V/div15% Mag: Imv/div110%
4. Rise time: <=17ns
5. Sweep tate: CH1, CH2, ALT; CHOP, ADD
6. Trigger modes: 0.2us/div - 0.2s/div5%1%
7. Trigger modes: Auto, Norm : TV-H TV-V
8. Trigger source:INT(CH1, CH2VERT) , EXT, LINE
9. Trigger sensitivity: INT less than ldiv, EXT less than 0.5V
10. Model(CH1-X, CH2-Y) Bandwidth: DC-1MHz-3dB
11. Cal. Signal: Voltage 2Vp-p12% Frequency: 1KHz12%
Model: HZ4318
Dimensions: 310W130W170
Weight: 7 Kg