Sell outdoor full color LED display

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products advatage:
(1) Design as modules: to improve the steady and reliability of the system
(2) Independence cabinet structure design: to reduce the error, water-proof and easty stall
(3) CREE led chips and other famous brand material: to be long life and more steady, such as MINGWEL power and ADDA fans in Taiwan, LED chips in USA CREE and Japan NICHIA, TOSHIBA IC, etc.
Products spec:
PH10, PH6, PH12, PH14, PH16/20(full and virtual pixel color) , PH25, PH31.25.
Color grade: 256*256 4096*4096*4096 16384*16384*16384
Contrast/Brightness: 256
Blind pixels ratio: <=0.0002
Viewing angle: 110 degree (Horizontal) elevation
After service
(1) Technology training
(2) Documents: user manual, software operation manual, system CD, test report, etc
(3) Maintenance and counseling service:
a. install or coach install
b. train the people to install, operation and maintain free of charge
c. offer one full maintain free of charge
d. offer the counselling service of LED display free or charge
e. offer the maintenance during all life of the display, just for material charges
g. offer the upgrade service free of charge
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 units/year
Available Colors
tricolor R/G/B
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