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FA906 protectors are used together with FT203 PTBs, while the FA9-68 used with FT206 TTBs. The protector forms the protection circuit together with the second-grade protection of the switch, which can provide the following protection against over-voltage and over-current:
1. The surge voltage caused by lightning on or around the external line.
2. The short-time AC voltage inducted on external lines, when the power line, the power system or the electric railway system is broken down in the neighborhood of the external line.
3. The external line directly collides against a 220 V power line.
Each Protector has test eyelet, which can coordinate with the special test plug to test the external line as well as the components inside the protector.

Note: GDT  Gas Discharge Tube; SA  Semiconductor Arrester; IC-Integrated Circuit

High insulation strength and reliable contact performance;
Effectively grounding and alarming to protect personnel and equipment securely.
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