Sell overlay with glu film

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Brief introduction
Pvc film is used for laminator with pvc sheet printed by UV ink or conventional ink . It simplifies the card making process as well as providing high bonding strength . It efficiently lowers down the possibility of color diffusing and cuts down the waste rate in production.
Using method
Laminate with the offset or inkjet printed sheet directly .
Fits for lamination with conventional ink or UV ink, provide high bonding strength.
Simplify the card making process, enhance efficiency.
Anti-abrasion, extend card life.
Environment friendly, no solvent or gas discharged.
Main technical parameters
Appearance: transparent , evenly-coated film
Thickness: 0.06mm-0.10mm
Size: provided according to customers requirement
Vicat of uncoated film :74+-30
Laminating temperature : 110 -1500
Safety: no explosion
Keep package scaled and moisture-proof , room temperature.
Avoid oppress heavily, keep horizontally and avoid direct sun light
Shelf life
Two years
Period between offset printing and lamination should be less than one week .