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Chemical name: Dicarboxyl
Product name: Oxalic Acid; Echanediaci Acid
Molecular formula: C2H2O4.2H2O Molecular weight: 126.07

Physiochemical properties: colorless transparent crystal, melting point: 101oC. Easily soluble in ethanol, soluble in water, slightly soluble in aether, insoluble in benzene or chloroform, toxic and corrosive.

Quality standard: GB1626-88

Index name

Content(based on C2H2O4.2H2O) % >=

Sulfate radical(based on SO 4 2- ) % <=

Ash content% <=

Heavy metal) based on Pb) % <=

Iron(based on Fe) % <=

Chloride(based on Cl) % <=

Use: Oxalic Acid is mainly used in producing bacteriophage, borneol and refining rare metals. Besides, oxalic Acid can be used in synthesizing various kinds of oxamide etc. it can be used in producing cobalt-molybdenum-aluminium catalyst, cleaning metals and marble and bleaching textile.

Packing: In 25 kgs net Polywoven Bag, inner with PE bag ;
In 25 kgs net Single Ply Polyethylene Bag, inner with PE bag;
In 25 kgs net Kraft Paper Compounded bag inner with PE bag ;

Storage and transportation: Maximum temperature of 40oC in the transportation. Avoid moisture, drench. Keep it away from oxide and alkaline matter.