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Our diaphragmatic compressor can meet most of your application field. With its balanced design and good sealing design, it can achieve a 100MPa discharge pressure. It is one of the most advanced compressor in the world.

Our diaphragmatic compressors can be customized for your specific projects, any pressure requirment, any gas. Just tell us what is your desired requirements, we will work out a suitable proposal for you.

It can meet any gases, including inert gas or others, including pure gas, flammable, explosive, poisonous, corrosive and so on . . .

Can be customized for users!

Just tell us about your demands & working conditions like below. . .

1. Inlet pressure (the gas pressure before our compressor) ; outlet pressure (the pressure after our compressor) ;
2. What kind of gas need to be boosted?
3. Inlet gas temperature & Outlet gas temperature ?
4. Flow rate?
5. Explosive-proof grade if any; Hazardous Area Class if any; or any other specific requirements if any;
6. Tell us the power supply in your jobsite: 380V/50Hz/3phase? 440V/60Hz/3phase? or any others?
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