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Medical Oxygen Measure Equipment
Main merit:

Uses the advanced micro-flow examination technology, can measure 0.2m/S ultra low velocity of flow, If QN>=1L/min , then can carries on the accurate measurement.
The highest examination upper limit flow quantity QN =280L/Min, The measuring range reaches 280 width, covers the ward flow quantity scope completely, It neednt choose the instrument caliber according to the operating office uses the oxygen amount.
Sensor uses the one-off encapsulation technology, also doesnt have the machinery moveable part, without blocking up and fraying, work reliable and the life is long, free maintenance.
High clear eight LED instant, accumulative flow quantity switch display, installs in the nurse station, it can carry on the real-time monitoring for checking the oxygen use situation.
Has the real-time data storage function, it can prevent from falling the electricity data suddenly When power cut off and the internal data will be permanent preservation.
Equipped with the work abnormity alarm function, it can effectively prevent not record or mis-record situation when the sensor works abnormally or artificially removes the signal plug
Main technical parameter:

Nominal pressure: 0.4Mpa
Operating temperature: -15 ~ 45 0
Maximum flow quantity: 16.80m3/h
Low flow quantity: 0.06m3/h
Accuracy: 11.5FS
Duplication: 10.2%