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Ozone output:400g/h
ozone pipe working life: more than 10,000hours

This good looking purifier can produce high density ozone to purify water, fruits, vegatables and meat to keep out food in good health. Also the ozone air can get rid of odor and kill bacteria and virus to let us breath health air. With mechanical timer, you can control the machine working time easily as required.
The ozone water application is as blow:
Fruit/Vegetable Washing
To remove insecticide and other chemicals
To destroy bacteria and virus
Fresh keeping
Air Purification
Office, Hospital, Medical Clinic, Laboratory, Waiting room, Meeting Rooms, Bedrooms and Reading Rooms
To Keep Refrigerator Fresh
To Prevent Poisoning in the Kitchen
To Deodorize Toilet
To Deodorize Newly Painted Rooms
Disinfection of Tableware
Disinfection of Baby's Milk Bottle
Disinfection of Scouring Clothes
Disinfection of Food
fresh keeping
To Keep Vegetables Fresh
To Keep Fruits Fresh
To Keep Food Fresh
To Keep Beverages Fresh
water Purification
Purifing Drinking Water
Food Purification
Meat, Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Marine Products, Vegetable, Rice
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as require
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Power Requirements
110-240V, 50-60Hz
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