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1. Ozone generated by corona-discharge with non-glass media
2. Wide range of ozone concentration selection, totally reaching the international demand of safety and efficiency for clinical application (3 - 80 5g/ml)
3. Built-in concentration correction ensuring a deviation <= 5%, 210C, which guarantees both safety and efficiency in clinical application
4. Remaining O3 converts back into O2 (done within 10s) by a built-in decontamination system, avoiding environment pollution
5. Power on self-check finished in 2s, complete sound/light alarm with operation guide, auto-power off protection program
6. No warm-up, only 6s after power-on for ozone generation of the default concentration
7. Simple icon-driven penal design for easy operation
Brand Name
Kastner-Praxisbedarf GmbH
CE certified&3A CE0368
Condition of Goods
350 x 280 x 730