Sell p10mm indoor full color led display screen AXT

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Major Technical Data
(P10 Indoor smt full color 10000pixels/M2)
(1) . Structure description
Each pixel consists of 4 LEDs, which are 2 red, 1 pure green, and 1 pure blue ones.
Pixel pitch, 10mm; Resolution, 10000 pixels/M2, and it can be up to 40000 pixels/M2,
(2) Technical analysis
No. Content Item
1 Color analysis To get best white balance, color ratio is designed to be R: G: B/3: 6: 1.
(3) Pixel data
No. Item Parameter
1 Pixel specification 8 uare mm
2 Pixel pitch 10 mm
3 Pixel composition 2R, 1G ,1B
(4) LED Data
No. Item Wavelength Brightness Origin
1 Red tube core 620-625nm 415-490mcd TaiWan
2 Pure green tube core 520-525nm 1100-1600mcd CREE
3 Pure blue tube core 465-470nm 415-580mcd CREE
(5) Screen parameters
1 Screen area 8.32m x4.8m =39.936sqm
2 Pixels per unit 8W8 pixels
3 Brightness >=1500cd/m2
4 Brightness adjustment Manual, 256 level; Auto, 8 levels
5 Scanning method Static
6 Drive methods Constant current drive
7 View angle 160 degrees, left/right view angle, 70 degree ,
up/down view angle
8 Best watching distance 2-30 m
9 Grey scale 16384 levels
10 Display colors 16777216
11 Frame rate > 160 frames/sec
12 Refresh rate 360HZ(no flickers while camcorder recording)
13 Control method Video frequency synchronization
14 Data transfer method: Parallel RS 422
15 Lifetime > 100,000 hours
16 Defects rate <=0.0001
17 Operating voltage AC220V115% 50HZ or AC 110V
18 Screen power consumption
Max: 1100w/M2; Average: 550w/M2
19 Color tone 6500K1500
20 Screen weight 12KG/ sqm
21 Control distance. 8 core net line transmission not over 120 meters(without relay) , Optical fiber transmission 10000 meters
22 MTBF > 10000 hours
23 Operating ambient temperature 400~+600
Operating ambient humidity 10%95%RH
25 Systems operating platforms WINDOWS(WIN95, WIN98, WIN2000) , with a friendly UI, and interfaces for secondary development.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,0000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
1,67 million full color
Condition of Goods
40.16x 30.12x 7.84 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
9 units
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
44.05 pounds