Sell p4 desktop cpu sl7pm , sl6pc , sl6bx

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Lihua industry hk ltd mainly engae in the business of intel cpu , both laptop cpu and desktop cpu.
condition: all original new ones.
warranty:1 year
payment term:t/t in advanced will be prefered.
the products are as follows: sl6pc, sl7pm, sl6bx, sl6fa, sl7en, sl7eg, sl8vq, sl9va, sl9kw, sl8mm, sl9sh, sla45, slamd sla4a slayy, sla49, sl8r, sl9dm, sl8vn, sl9bn, sl9jk, sla4h, sla4ksl92f, sl8lw, sl8lv sl7eg, sl7ep, sl6n6, sl6vb, sl8mp, sl8mn, sl6bx, sl7vb, sl7sm, sl7s9 and so on