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CHM-SRW800 Mechanical specification

1. Cutting Colorful Paper Type Upper knife rotary, lower knife fixed

2. Cutting Kraft Type Upper knife rotary, lower knife fixed

3. Max. Diameter of colorful paper 1100mm(44.3. in)

4. Max. Diameter of kraft paper 1100mm(44.3. in)

5. Max. Width of kraft paper 800mm(31 in)

6. Max. Width of colorful paper 800mm(31 in)

7. Cutting length of colorful paper 1050mm-30000mm

CHM-SRW800 Mechanical specification

8. Cutting length of kraft paper 85mm-320mm

9. Cutting accuracy 10.3mm

10. Rollers per minute less than 2.5m each roll 60 rolls/min

11. Operation speed It depends on the material and each rolls cutting length. 180m/min

12. Air pressure source Max.8.0g/cm2 5M3/Min

13. Power supply AC380V/220V 50Hz

CHM-SRW800 Standard disposition

1. Auto remedying deflection 1 set 1 SET

2. Floating roller auto tension control system 2 SET

3. Hollow rotary magnetic powder brake 2 SET

4. Air shaft for unwinding 2 SET

5. Static removal device 1 SET

6. High precise rotary cutting device 2 SET

7. Cutting, transporting and rewinding device 1 SET

8. Auto trimming opening and heat seal shrinkage membrane 1 SET

CHM-SRW800 Standard disposition

9. ?Electrical operation system 1 SET

10. Driven motor system 1 SET

11. Auto label mark machine 1 SET

12. Hard paper cores transporting system 1 SET

13. Oven machine 1 SET

14. Auto seal system 1 SET

15. Accessory 1 SET

16. Clutch system
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