Sell pad printing silicone rubber

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pad printing silicone rubber
Product Description
The silicon pad is a carrier which transfers the patterns from the steel plate onto the products surface. It has the advantage of good printing effects, good quality, good resilience, and without any impurity.
Product Feature
Pad printing silicone rubber has good printing effect, fine quality, permanent and durable, good resilience, abrasion resistance, and without any impurities, we can provide all kinds of colors and our catalyst is free charged.
Product Specification/Models
Pad printing silicone rubber has model codes of 901, 902, 912, 916, with the hardness of 25-28 shore A respectively and model codes of 918 with the hardness of 18-20 shore A.
pad printing silicone rubber is mainly used for printing irregular patterns of plastic toys,
electroplating toys, trade
makers . Silicone pad printing is a carrier which transfers printing the patterns from the steel plate onto the toys products surface.
Other Information
FAQ of pad printing silicone rubber :

1. Why the silicon pad is non-durable ?
a. This problem is caused not by the liquid silicon rubber itself, but in the process of filtering, the filtering handled not properly and impurities are not all filtered out; or in the process of packing as containers not cleaned thoroughly.
b. As the silicon oil will break the molecular chain of the silicon rubber. More silicon oil added, softer the pad printing will be, meanwhile nondurable and easy ageing it will also turn to be.
c. Some customers do not know well about the performance of silicon rubber. Actually, the durability of printing pad is closely related to the size of printing pattern. Some factories do not want to take the trouble to change the printing pad. While in fact, for large pattern, large silicone pads should be used, otherwise, use small one. (Generally, the ratio of the silicone pad to printing pattern is 3:1)

2. Why the printed pattern is incomplete or not clear?
If the silicon pad is too hard while the pattern is very delicate or small, the printing patterns will be incomplete or not very clear, for in that way the silicon pad could not adsorb the printing ink from the steel plate well. If your pattern is very delicate or small, please use soft silicon pad for pad printing.
2. If the percentage of water in the ink is very high, the printing pattern also will be incomplete, and spot may appeared. For this situation, please clean your ink box, or change the printing ink or Tianna water.

3. Why the silicon pad did not absorb the ink?
Any silicon pad or liquid silicon rubber could absorb ink well. If large patterns or big letters need to print, the printing pad will for sure absorb ink well. For small letters, please do not use hard silicon pad, as it could not absorb the printing ink thoroughly from the steel plate.

4. Why the silicon pad can not
transfer the printing pattern well?
It is normal phenomena that every two out of ten products have this problem if the plastic toys are not spray painted. As in the production process, mold release agent will be sprayed onto the surface of the steel plate for eevery dozen products, and there will be some mold release agent left on the surface of the first one or two product. Please use Tianna water or face-clean water to clean the products before used for pad printing.

5. Why we should add silicon oil into pad printing silicon?
Customers should change the hardness of the silicon pad according to the different patterns. Silicon oil can change the hardness and the viscosity of the liquid silicone rubber.