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Selective Racking is the most economical storage system with the lowest equipment and capital costs. It provides direct access to all pallets for 100% accessibility and good stock rotation. Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually, providing rapid handling of palletised goods. It provides easy beam adjustment and accommodates variable pallet heights. The bottom level pallets can be located on the floor for picking purposes. This lowers structure costs. Alternatively additional beams can be added for lower level picking. This system is infinitely adjustable and offers a wide range of options and components to accommodate specialized load types.

Itbs usually consists of frames, beams, bracings and other standards components. H-bracing and D-bracing are connected to uprights by nylon self-lock boltso< can effectively prevent racking from losing balance caused by the release of the bolts; beam can be adjusted by 50,75 or 76.2 mm . Insert two safety pins to avoid beam be uplifted unexpectedly; the beams are connected to the uprights firmly.

Could reach as high as 20m;
The beam position could be adjusted by 76.2mm, and could better reach the warehouse storage requirements;
If there is any parts got damaged, it could be changed conveniently;
The racking surfaces are corrosion-proof;
Could choose various parts and safety accessories;
Assembled structure, the rack could be easily and speedily installed;
The parts adopts high quality material, could be soldered and installed firmly;
Perfect accessories system, could be used for various special demands.

It is easily utilized with standard fork- and hand-trucks, can also work with counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, narrow aisle trucks or automated handling equipment. Selective pallet racking is an ideal starting point for all your warehouse and storage needs.

The racking loading capacity depends on the height of first level beam, and the beam section as well as the section of the uprights.
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