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PAPAIN is the activated and refined proteolytic enzyme derived from the Carica Papaya.
papain is the source of one of natures own digestive aids: Papain is a milky latex that is collected by making incisions in unripe papayas. It help you digest the proteins in food. The primary use of papain is as a meat tenderizer. It is also used as a digestive aid for people who have trouble digesting proteins. Evidence suggests that papain may also help reduce inflammation and pain.
Traditional food Processing technologies
Enzymes used To catalyse reaction Reason
Breadmaking Amalase in flour
Maltase in yeast
Zymase in yeast
Starch-maltose, maltose-glucose, glucose-carbondioxide & ethanol
Produce sugars for yeast action and carbon dioxide to aerate bread
Cheese production Rennin in rennet Coagulation of milk protein
To help form curd
Alcoholic drink Amylases, maltases and zymase in raw materials
Starch-maltose, maltose-glucose, glucose-carbon dioxide & ethanol
Produce sugars for yeast action and CO2 for 'texture'
Tea and coffee Oxidases in leaf and bean
Polymerisation of colourless phenlic compounds to brown coloured compounds
Give desirable colour and flavour to tea infusions
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