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Meilun Biotech produces papain with enzyme activity ranging from 50,000 I/U per animal feed and other industries.

Papain from our company is manufactured under strict quality control and especially a very mild condition is used to extract and purify the Papain from papaya latex.

Papain is one of the most powerful proteolytic enzymes discovered so far. The crude enzyme that is directly spray-dried from the latex can digest 50 times lean meat on the weight basis, while the fine enzyme in which the most of contamination and inhibitor components, if any, has been removed, could digest as much as 500 times lean meat of its own weight. It is also known from the context of enzyme technology that the protein substrates will be digested much easier if they are rendered to be in a denatured configuration by heat pre-treatment. Under this condition, the Papain could digest as high as 3000 times of its own weight of lean meat, and the cost of enzyme would therefore be greatly reduced.
Brewing: clarifying cold beer
Food: meat tenderization, spices, hydrolystaes
Yeast hydrolysis: yeast hydrolysates
Pharmaceutical: contact lens cleaner
Pet food: palatability, viscosity reduction
Health food: digestive aid
Detergents: blood stain remover
Veterinary: antitissive agents in preparation

General specifications of our papain products are:
Physical state: fine solid powder
Color: white or light yellow
Moisture: less than 5%
Activity: 50000  2.5 I/U per gram
Solubility: 1% solution is clear
Arsenic (as per Pb) : Less than 0.21 mg/kg
Lead (as per Pb) : Less than 0.2 mg/kg
Viable counts: Less than 8 per gram
Pathogenic: Negative by test