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This is a new product for the pet use. It is developed by ourselves and we are the sole manufacture in China. This product has been patented .
Paper cat litter is mainly made from paper material , so it is light sanitary and clean. The water absorbability is much stronger than other kinds of cat litters. Used in cleaning pet egesta , paper cat litter absorbs pet urine, fluidness and the terrible smelling of these things, which make the surroundings clean and fresh.
After water absorbing , the cat litter group together promptly, so it is easy to clear. It can be put into the sanitary sewer directly after use. In this way, it avoids the storage in household that the waste emit peculiar smell, and prevent germs from reproducing.
Furthermore, the cat litter decompounds when put into the sanitary sewer , so it wont jam the sewer.
Paper cat litter contains no chemical material, and is made drying under high temperature. So it is of no harm to both cats and pet holders. It is very beneficial to the environment protection.
Due to the predominant performance, paper cat litter shall be the replacement product of all other kind of cat litters.
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