Sell paper cup forming machine

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Automatic paper cup machine is versatile and economical, the paper cup forming machine single-PE-wrap cups ranging from 2-7(or 4-12, or 16-22) ounces are efficiently and economically produced on it at rates of up to 40-50 (16-22Oz ,35-45pcs/min) cups per minute.

Automatic paper cup machine can be easily changed from one cup size to another, you should only change one set of molds (with the same bottom and the same coil) .

Material:Single-PE coated paper

Other specifications:
Sealing: Paper cups body side sealing by heater
Paper cups bottom sealing by hot air station

Single-PE coating paper cups used for hot drink, hot water, cold drink, and ice-cream Single-PE coated paper cups are not suitable for some certain cold drinks, like coke.