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cutting width: 115cm
The height of paper-weight: 16.5cm
Paper feeding depth: 115cm
master power: 4kw
net weight: 3800kg
Machine width including plate table: 315cm
machine width(without plate table) : 236.5cm
machine length: 246.5cm
machine height: 165cm
Fore-table length: 100cm
worktable height: 90cm
paper-weight pressure(Min) : 150dan
paper-weight pressure(Max) : 8000dan
cutter blade sizes: 13.75cm
grinding datum(Max) : 6cm
Min. cutting datum (the min. datum without paper-weight) : 2.5cm
Min. cutting datum (the min datum with paper-weight) : 9.5cm
cutting speed: 45/min
Machine dimension(W*H*L) : 140W200W275cm
Voltage: 361-399V
Fuse: 25A
wires diameter: 2.5mm2