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Capsanthin is a kind of natural pigment with deep red color, withdrawn and separated from the red chilli with physical method, shaped as oil dissolved liquid. Its main composition is Capsorubin and Capsorubin that full containing B-Carotene and the vitamin C, belonging to carotenoid, playing the function of physiology metabolism. Our capsanthin matches the international standard of FAO/WHO, having the characteristics of high safety, heat-proof, bear the light and free from environment PH value etc. The product can be extensively applied for coloring each kind of the food, beverage, cosmetics in the marine products, meat, pastry, salad, canned goods, beverage etc. In medicine industry it can be used as agent.
Uses and methods

Extensively applied to cakes, instant noodle, pickles, canned food, butter food, seafood, meat, pork, sausage, dishes, drugs etc. and it is used industry of cosmetics, medicine, deluxe material of animal feed etc. In the practical use it should be mixed gradually then evenly with other liquid.

Package & Storage


Packed in ethylene food bucket, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg each, PVF food bucket for 200Ls only, may also be packed as per the customer.


Sealed completely, avoid light, place in low temperature and dry environment. Do not store and transport with other harmful materials.
Terms of Payment
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