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. we make very beautiful pictures ( Pharahonic Islamic and coptic ) on papyrus paper ( the oldest paper all over the world made by the Old Egyptians ) . This Paper may stay more than 7,000 years . We are making this papyrus sheets from papyrus plant with the same specifications by the same method they made it . we can make your request from flags or land scape pictures , calendars , greeting cards , certificates , business cards. . . . It is used as artist material for drawing and writing . . . . . It is also used as stationary education materials and in art departments in colleges and schools for writing and drawing We can supply you with different sizes . The stander size is 30W40Cm and other size 5W5 to 100W200 Cm , also there are more than 200 pharaohnic , coptic and islamic pictuers. I would like to supply your company with papyrus paper , sharing in art fiars Papyrus